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    Hi! I am Julie from Short Stories Photography by Julie. I love babies and children and I believe that they are little miracles that should be cherished. I love to start photographing them when they are freshly born and document those times for you...for them...and for the family that will look at those images for years to come. If you feel the same way, please call and I will get these memories for you in beautiful custom portraiture and products. My clients always have a fun and relaxed time and you will hear "awws" and squeals during the session. Well, that's me, but you will do that too when you see how the images touch your heart and soul.

Well, welcome to 2016!  I just recently decided to join the realm that is Instagram.  I was on it personally…not very much…and hardly any images.  Just playing around with it actually.  But I see so many great images on it from my peers, clients and friends that I thought it may be a good idea to get on there and join the fun.  Here is the link…. My Instagram

Go and take a look…follow me…join in the conversation…and be in the know on some contests and fun that I may only post there.  Ya never know…you may run across a special made just for you or someone you know!


Well, I had this handsome guy in here recently and he is one!  What a little flirt!  He is always in such a great mood and always has a smile for me.  When we got to the cake portion of his session, he was not impressed.  He didn’t eat any of it on his own, but he really enjoyed tearing it apart and flinging it around….so fun! I love that about smash cake sessions… you never know what they are going to do,  it is all adorable and SO much their very own reactions to getting to have a cake all to themselves. Enjoy!



We don’t get to see Miss L as much anymore….busy girl ya know. We knew this time would come…her getting busy with friends, extra activities with ice skating, Girl Scouts, etc. But when she is here, she still lets me photograph her sweet face.  We didn’t do a theme this time, just her. She is getting so much more aware of herself…her expression shows it.  She has braces!!!!  Love it!!!! But they don’t show up like I have seen on others, with some people not even noticing.  She is OK with that, but she likes having them anyway. I cannot get over how much she changes from one time to the next that we see her.  It is heartbreaking that we don’t get to see her every day or more often like we used to when they lived closer. But when she is here, we drink her in like we are dying of thirst.  This time will be fleeting, just like all of the other times….and we must cherish it. I am hearing from other friends and clients that they have older grandchildren and that is just not possible!!  That would make me how old?  But I wouldn’t turn time back for anything. Each time, each moment is precious…even at her age. Cherish your time, your little ones, your growing up ones, your family and friends.  Enjoy!



I see that I have not posted on my blog since October!  I do a lot of posting on Facebook and then neglect this poor thing.  So, I am going to post here and then tag the link in Facebook. There!

This last holiday. we went down to Texas and visited my sister and her family. Fun!!!  I missed her so much and we just needed to get out of town for a bit. We laughed so much and it felt so good. We even went to a Dallas Stars hockey game on New year’s Eve.  The team won so we were all excited.  The arena was amazing and everything was top notch.  My sister sent a picture to me that she had gotten from the game.  We are in the background all in a row and something was so funny to us but not so funny to all around us.  Just looking at it makes me laugh.

Dallas 2015-2-laughingNow, we are back home and enjoying (cough, cough) the weather here.  Totally not enjoying this, not going to lie. But I want to let everyone know about the Phat February contest.  I have put it on Facebook already but wanted to make sure that the folks that don’t frequent that page see it here. It is actually for all ages but want to make sure that the child is at least sitting up on there own.  If you don’t have a child that will fit the contest, share it with your friends and someone will get a complimentary mini session and a canvas wall portrait!

Phat February-2016

Something that I want to ask you all……what do you want to see for referrals…such as in what do you want for referring your friends to me? I am currently offering a $100 portrait credit on your next session for EVERY client you send to me and they have a session….adding up as many $100 portrait credits as you want.  They get a $100 portrait credit as well.  I am taking suggestions so shoot me an email…a Facebook message or give me a call.

So, have a great day and week. Stay warm and enjoy!


Miss H turned one recently.  I love her laughing face!  It will make you smile whether you are in the mood or not. The world lights up when she smiles, giggles or laughs. The image of her looking down at her toes is precious and timeless. When you are one year old, the world exists for you to discover. She is certainly taking advantage of that and it is pure fun to be the observer. Enjoy!

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