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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Can you tell that I love fairies?

I took “L” out for mini fairy  session last night.  the sun stayed out for only a few minutes before itView full post »

Little “C” is one!

I can’t believe he has been here for almost a year already!  He is one of the Once Upon a Time baby planView full post »

Little “B”, her brother “C” and mom

We had a wonderfully wild time in the studio on Saturday.  I made things all better by giving them some sugar too! View full post »

Like red hair and freckles? How about three of them?

I love to photograph red hair and freckles!! These three came in for the Mommy and Me special and I could not have beenView full post »

Daddy and Me session……”K” and her daddy

Here is “K” and her daddy and they were having some fun!!!! She came with her mommy for the Mommy and MeView full post »

“Does this tutu make my butt look big?”

That is what I was asked after little “K” got up in the tree.  I could not believe my ears!!  It wasView full post »

Cowboy Up or hang ten? Little “L” and his mom “T”

This little guy will be drawing the girls from all venues…..cowboy or surfer dude.  But one thing is for sure, heView full post »

Mommy “S” and her little girl “A” sneak peek

This was another fun session.  This little girl is precious!!!  She is already a girlie girl with her headbands andView full post »

Mommy and Me session…..sneak peek..”H” and her children.

Here is a mom with her more grown up children.  That is right, you didn’t have to just bring in your babies whenView full post »

Sweet pea….little “B” sneak peek

“Awwwwwwwww”….that is what I said when I first saw this little punkin.  Look at that hair!!!  She wasView full post »