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Welcome to my blog!

Hi!  I'm, Julie. Children should be allowed to be children.  I believe that every stage of childhood is unique and precious.  I see and appreciate all that is wonderful about a child...relating to them on their own level.  Because of that, I can create portraits that reflect who your child is, what they are experiencing in that moment and what becomes so easy to see when you look at it. If you are the kind of person that feels the way that I do, you will want that portrait of your child...being a child...seen through my eyes and felt with your soul.  I'm passionate about creating portraits that make you laugh or touch a part of your heart. 

Specializing in photographing children, I am enthusiastic about what I do and I have a great time doing it.  My clients have a great time too.  There are laughs, giggles and aw-w-w-s heard throughout the session. If you are a client of mine, you know that already.  If you are not, then you just have to come and see for yourself!


Mr J was here!/Peoria area baby photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Mr J came to the studio for his newborn session.  He is 6 weeks old here and he didn’t want to miss a thing!  He has found his thumb…….cutest thing EVER!  That image is on my Facebook biz page.  He gave me all kinds of looks expressing his opinion of what hat we put him in. I think he did a great job with his first session! I actually photographed his mom and her sister here when she was around 5 years old.  Wow…not counting the years passed.  I get such a thrill seeing past clients and their new families. Enjoy!

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The B Family!/Central Illinois family photography/Short Stories Photography by JUlie

I love this family!!!  I had the privilege of photographing them all together this past weekend.  You can see the love that they have for each other.  You can see the fun that they have at home and the sweet things that mom does with her girls.  I can see where the girls get their sweetness, humor and affection from in their parents when I see them look at each other and their children.  We had some family time, tickle time, jump on the bed time and hugs all around time.  I could post the whole session!  But these few will have to do. Enjoy!

bty2-15-7478bty2-15-7456 bty2-15-7580 bty2-15-7634 bty2-15-7656

Mr. H was here!/Central Illinois baby photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Mr H is a charmer.  He is a serious guy although he can break out in a giggle like the best of them.  He takes his raspberries seriously too, furrowing his eyebrows and giving it his all. We were all laughing at his adorable expressions and how he worked the camera, posing and moving and posing again! Enjoy!

rcch2-15-7321 rcch2-15-7349 rcch2-15-7393

Snowflakes/Central Illinois newborn and baby photographer/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Well, it snowed again yesterday.  The first thing I thought of is… “are there any snowflakes?”  The last snow we had produced icy haystacks that were pretty but not as ornate as real snowflakes.  I was so thrilled to see the snow change from fast falling icy things to big chunks of snow floating down to the ground.  I ran outside with one of my gloves to check…. and there they were! Snowflakes!  So with wet hair in a hat and all bundled up I went out and froze for a few minutes to see if I could catch any of these illusive beauties in my camera. It was coming down so heavy that it was hard to isolate just one snowflake, but the canvas of many of the wonders in one image were just as fascinating.  I could even see an angel shaped flake in the upper left corner of one of them!   They never disappoint.  Enjoy!

DSC_3359-c DSC_3371-c DSC_3378-c DSC_3400-c DSC_3403-c DSC_3382-c

My Photo Challenge/East Peoria newborn and baby photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

I decided to undertake a photo challenge.  I am not strict about it but I am already behind. It is for one per week and I have done 3.  Not to worry….I can catch up….or not… depending on my mood.  Anyway, the newsletter will be out tomorrow probably with another photo challenge image so today I will share one that I did that falls under the “detail” challenge. Yesterday I was so excited to go out and take snowflake images!  I got all bundled up warmly and took my black gloves out to catch some snowflakes.  But…there were no flakes….only these haystack looking things that resembled something from Mad Maxx movies. That didn’t stop me.  I shot away, capturing these strange looking things and wiping my camera down every few minutes.  The snow was really wet and melted on the camera as soon as it hit it.  But the details in these stacks was mesmerizing.  Some had drops of water attached and some were hanging on to each other for dear life, forming these cascades of ice that were so pretty and wondrous. Just thought I would share….enjoy!


Miss A was here!/Central Illinois baby photographer/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Miss A was here with her family and I didn’t want to share because some of the images were gifts or on cards.  She had the sweetest face and look at those cheeks!  How does she hold those up?  She also had the cutest little pout.  Mom and I laughed out loud when she brought those lips out.  Hilarious!  Enjoy!

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Mr. R was here!/Central Illinois newborn photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the latest member of the C family. He is a tiny peanut but is big on cuteness.  He slept like a champ.  I think that his family kind adore him.  Big sis A and big brother C are totally in love and couldn’t stop giving him kisses.  So sweet!  Enjoy!

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2015 Favorite Clients Images/Central Illinois newborn, children,family photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Yay!  I finished my 2015 favorite client images video!  I want to share it with all of you so click on the link below and sit back and enjoy!

2015 Favorite Client Images



Mr “K” was here!/Central Illinois baby photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. “K” recently. Can you say future heart breaker?!  His smile was enough to make anyone else smile right along with him.  I just wanted to squeeze him!  I think his favorite thing was to take his pretend bath. One thing I noticed was that every time he was ready to do something, he would stick out his tongue first….. dead giveaway for those that are watching him.  So I was ready any time he was going to do something cute.  Enjoy!

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My coffee table book/Central Illinois Newborn Photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Hi all!  I have made a coffee table book that showcases some of my newborn clients as well as some of the new things I have gotten and made in the past few months.  I have so much fun during a newborn session, although we are all sweating and melting.  The newborn is such an innocent, pure being that brings so much joy to all that are lucky enough to spend time with them.  These are memories that will make your heart melt any time you look at them.

I love to photograph them. There are so many things that we, as photographers, can do with them to show how tiny, fresh and precious they are.  There are many safety issues that need to be attended to and are so important.  You need to make sure that your photographer is paying attention to those needs.  You should hire someone that knows how to handle the babies and knows how to keep them safe.  I have a pediatric nurse background that has taught me these things and enables me to get the sweet images that the family deserves to have.  My clients refer to me as “The Baby Whisperer”.  Ha-ha!  I also know how to get those images that appear that the babies are magically suspended in various props, but I assure you, those are composites and the baby is safe on the ground at all times and mom or dad is right there. I then put the prop and the baby together in one of my computer editing programs.

I guess what I am trying to tell you is that they are vulnerable tiny humans that need the utmost care and a gentle touch and that is what you should look for when hiring someone…anyone… to photograph your sweet baby to keep them safe.

This coffee table book is in a slideshow form that may have your computer asking if you want to save the file or/and open it. One of my mobile devices opens and plays it, the other asks me to save it and then I am able to view it.  Whichever way your device or computer asks you to save or view it, it is well worth it to take a look at the tiny sweet faces in this book.  Enjoy!  Coffee Table Book  <click here!  Mac version CTB-mac