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Welcome to my blog!

Hi!  I'm, Julie. Children should be allowed to be children.  I believe that every stage of childhood is unique and precious.  I see and appreciate all that is wonderful about a child...relating to them on their own level.  Because of that, I can create portraits that reflect who your child is, what they are experiencing in that moment and what becomes so easy to see when you look at it. If you are the kind of person that feels the way that I do, you will want that portrait of your child...being a child...seen through my eyes and felt with your soul.  I'm passionate about creating portraits that make you laugh or touch a part of your heart. 

Specializing in photographing children, I am enthusiastic about what I do and I have a great time doing it.  My clients have a great time too.  There are laughs, giggles and aw-w-w-s heard throughout the session. If you are a client of mine, you know that already.  If you are not, then you just have to come and see for yourself!


Mr “T” was here/Peoria area newborn photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Mr “T” is the exact description of the word adorable.  He is a sweet bundle of precious that will melt hearts and certainly did melt mine. He let me play and pose him and was quite happy with the whole deal that day.  Be still my heart!  His dad played football when he was younger and even coached football in Washington…so of course we had to start little “T” off right!  And….who doesn’t like a good grin?! Enjoy!


Mr. “J” was sitting so big!/Peoria area baby photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Mr “J” not only sat up so big…..he could stand up holding on!  He is a bundle of cuteness and flirty grins.  So adorable and ready to smile in a split second.  It was great to watch his face change from one expression of discovery to a huge grin showing off the new Chiclets in his mouth. I have had the good fortune of photographing this mom’s children for a looooong time.  Her oldest just got braces, so that will tell you how long it has been.  It is a true blessing to be someone that gets to watch these families love and grow.   Enjoy!

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April Newsletter is here!/Central Illinois children photography/Short Stories Photography by JUlie

Just dropping in quickly to let you know that the April Newsletter is here!  There is a lot of information covered in it and two specials in May.  The Mommy and Me is still going on for the month of April, same details as the Daddy and Me.  Check it out…link HERE:  April Newsletter

Mommy and Me mini sessions/Peoria area Mommy and me sessions/Short Stories Photography by Julie

I am having my Mommy and Me mini sessions the month of April.  It is a fun time for you to actually be in the images, Mom!  You are always the one holding the camera and if you are like all of the other moms I know, you are hardly in any of the pictures.  Let me help you with that.  You call to schedule your spot, pay $50 to hold your appointment.  All of that total will go towards your order and there is no minimum print order required.  Call to schedule your appointment and we will have some fun! 309. 698. 7144.



The “H” children were here/Peoria area siblings photographer/Short Stories Photography by Julie

It was “T’s” one year session as well as time for “M’s” session . We even got all three in for a few.  That was fun!  That boy doesn’t have a chance of not being cuddled and kissed…EVER!  They LOVE their little brother.  Who could blame them?  He is such a charmer!  Miss “M” is sooo much all princess.  All three have the most amazing blue eyes that I have ever seen. Enjoy!

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Daddy and Me!/Peoria area daddy and me photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Mr. “D” and his dad were in recently to get the daddy and me session around the same time as brother did a few years ago.  The whole family LOVES any fighting Illini team.  We do try and get it in their sessions if we can and “D” loves to play with the basketball or football.  They also had some upside down fun and giggles.  I love a good giggle!  Enjoy!

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My first Fusion video!/central Illinois fusion video photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

I just created my first fusion video!  That is a video and still images fused together to make one video. It is so fun to do and a lot of work, but I love this process!  Now that I know that I love the results,  I may offer this as a product to my clients. (Let’s see if this link works!)

Miss “J” was here/Peoria Illinois preteen photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Miss “J” came here for her 8th grade session.  She was in before when she was 5.  She has grown into such a sweet, nice and beautiful person.  I really do love to watch my tiniest clients grow up and become  their own person with goals and dreams.  I was thrilled to hear all about her latest interests with one being ice skating.  That peaked my interest since my granddaughter has taken that up as well.  Enjoy!

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A client’s view/Central Illinois full service studio/Short Stories Photography by Julie

I have been doing some serious reviewing of my studio and what I offer.  I am currently a full service studio, offering the session, the editing and the delivery of  beautiful portraits either framed or unframed, along with other portrait products.  Some photographers are totally digital file sales and are really cheap…… to each his or her own and everyone knows what they are worth, what they have put into their business and education and what they have to charge to stay in business. They all have their own reasons for offering what they are offering.  I recently offered a session with digital files as part of the special.  I got a few takers on that, but not as much as I thought I would get.  I thought that it was what people want these days.  But you know what?  As much as I enjoyed the sessions and as much as I know that I may offer that again sometime, I was so overjoyed and happy with what one mom said to me recently.

She was sitting across from me at my desk on the studio.  She casually said that it is really hard to find a photographer that will offer a finished portrait instead of digital files.  She said that when she goes to a photographer,  it is important to end up with a finished product, printed at professional labs with professional products. It is worth it to her to pay  extra to know that everything will be taken care of with a professional manner and by an educated person. She didn’t want a disk with images on it.  She wanted to know that the person photographing her daughter knew what they are doing and cared about what she ends up with in products and portraits as much as she does.

I was so happy to have that said to me without any prior coaxing or questions from me.  She really meant it and it was just what I needed to hear at that moment in my career.  It has always been a priority to me to have professionalism when I am working with clients and with what I offer them.  It is important to me to have their portraits up on their wall and not in a drawer.  It is important to me to know what is the latest in my profession and what I need to investigate.  Yes, it is my business and that is how I make a living.  We need what I make like any other job that you may have , it is not “extra” money.  I take pride in what I have and offer.  Most importantly, I really care about what YOU get and how the images look.  I do have digital files available, but they are available after you get prints so that you can see what they should look like.  My portraits are where I make my living, so the files are priced to do that as well. This is right, for ME.

This profession is not easy.  No one wants to hear how much money we put into it or cares how hard we have to work or how many hours goes into it.  You really have to love it to stick with it.  I do.  No one is getting rich off of it and if they are, they are not telling you everything. Haha!

I really don’t know why I am sharing this.  I guess that I was just so happy to hear that my clients really do “get it”.  I am not suggesting that all photographers  are wrong in offering only or mostly digital files.  Like I said before, they all have their reasons for why they do and they are perfectly valid. But for me, I was validated and it was reinforced  that what I do IS important to more than just me.  If anyone has any comments or thoughts on this matter, I would love to hear from you.

Before and after/Peoria area children photography/Short Stories Photography

I have seen some interesting before and after images on int web.  I thought I would put one on myself!  This is our sweet “L” and one the images that we got when she was visiting here.  I took it to a much warmer look while including some muted colors, retouching the skin and cropping as well. I hope that you like it!  Enjoy!

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