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Hi!  I'm, Julie. Children should be allowed to be children.  I believe that every stage of childhood is unique and precious.  I see and appreciate all that is wonderful about a child...relating to them on their own level.  Because of that, I can create portraits that reflect who your child is, what they are experiencing in that moment and what becomes so easy to see when you look at it. If you are the kind of person that feels the way that I do, you will want that portrait of your child...being a child...seen through my eyes and felt with your soul.  I'm passionate about creating portraits that make you laugh or touch a part of your heart. 

Specializing in photographing children, I am enthusiastic about what I do and I have a great time doing it.  My clients have a great time too.  There are laughs, giggles and aw-w-w-s heard throughout the session. If you are a client of mine, you know that already.  If you are not, then you just have to come and see for yourself!


Be in the know…immediately!/Central Illinois baby, children, family photography/Short Stories Photography By Julie

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Weekend winner/Central Illinois family photographer/Short Stories Photography by JUlie

I have posted my newsletter a few days ago on my Facebook page.  It has the September special in it that is a family session that lasts 30 minutes and comes with a $100 portrait credit.  The creation fee is $50 and that includes one set or area on location.  The idea behind this is to get those images for your Christmas cards and gifts done before the busy season hits that has you going every which way.  I will have the full Fall Family special in October, but this is for those that need to get this in before that….or that just want to have a shorter session because of being pressed for time or just have a hard time getting everyone together for those longer sessions.  This is the first time offering these and I am curious to see if anyone is interested in the shorter sessions. It will be hard for me to shorten them, because I get on a roll and want to keep going!

**You have all been so sweet over the years and  I want to gift one of these sessions to someone.  What you need to do is reply here with your name over this weekend.  Then on Monday I will randomly draw one name to be the winner of a September family session!  Get your name in here, on Facebook (contest or drawing is not associated with Facebook in any way), or send an email to me.  All names will be entered.  You must be available for the session in September.  Good luck!

Miss “K” is Five!/Central Illinois Children photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

I love when Miss “K’s” birthday comes around every year.  Her mom drops her off and then we go on an adventure for a session, either on location or in the studio.  This time we did both. It was nice outside at first, but then the humidity set in and we were hot.  I didn’t think mom would appreciate images with sweat running down her daughter’s face, so we both decided it was time to go back to the studio for some air conditioning.  She is her mother’s daughter for sure!  I saw her mom’s face and expression so many times through the camera lens.  But she is definitely her own person and knows what she wants to do.  We had so much fun finding new places to photograph her. She helped and had great ideas and is mature well beyond her years.  I could post a bunch, but this is it for now.  Enjoy!

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Mr. “C” is gonna be one!/Peoria area baby photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Well, Hello handsome! I was so thrilled to see this little guy, or should I say big guy, at the door.  He is a baby plan member so was here for his one year session.  He also loves his mommy….can you tell?! So full of giggles and smiles, he really brought on the charm for his images.  At the end, he let me know… in no uncertain terms but still in a charming way, that he was done. Can you pick out which image told me that?  Have I told you lately that I love my job? Enjoy!

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The “R” family was here!/peoria area family and sibling photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

The “R” boys were here and brought their mom and dad.  I have seen them since the oldest, “N” was born. He is such a handsome little guy and his baby brother is following his footsteps in the that category.  You can also feel the love that the parents have for these two… so patient and sweet with them.  The boys are busy and gave us all a real workout, but that is the fun of having a session with them.  The images are real.  The love is there… and the cuteness, well, they can’t help but be that all on their own. Enjoy!

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The “S” brothers/Central Illinois sibling photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

I have the pleasure of knowing these boys and their parents.  Since I have known them, they have lived in Illinois, Switzerland and now Georgia.  But no matter how far they are, they always find their way back here and make time for a session with me every year.  Lucky me!  They have grown to be like family.  These boys….real charmers, with personalities as different as their names, are so sweet to stand around and indulge us while their mom and myself exclaim about how big they are getting….how fast time flies…and what is new in their lives.   When they get in front of the camera, they can’t help but be the truest, best of friends that I have always known them to be. Brothers…that bond….strong, playful, ornery, and so ready to stand up for each other if needed. Brothers….”A” and “B”…enjoy.

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Vacation time!/Central Illinois on location photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Yes!  We took a little vacation in our yearly spot in Michigan.  I actually had gotten tired of taking the same old lighthouse and sunset pictures.  I decided that this time I was going to take my camera and act like I had not done this before.  I took pictures of lighthouse, sunsets, flowers and weeds….and of course, Miss “L”……and her Papaw.  There is nothing like digging a hole in the sand that leads to nowhere but is just as much fun as if it did.  Nothing like tossing a sand ball out into the lake. And nothing like spending time with family.

I also have my August newsletter out today.  I have some important news in the newsletter so be sure to read it.  Pass it along to anyone that you think may be interested in it as well…that is how the news about the studio spreads for me and I really appreciate it!  Here is the link for that.  August newsletter

**One thing I forgot to put in my newsletter is that I am now a vendor for Planet Jill.  I am so excited about that since one of the vendors that I did have closed up shop.  Planet Jill has some very unique jewelry pieces as well as some other things that are so pretty!  They have made jewelry for some celebrities and I am so thrilled to be on their team!


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Mr. “L” was here!/Central Illinois baby photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

I had the pleasure of meeting almost one year old little “L”.  He was a little charmer from the moment he got here.  Always smiling and grinning and showing those little Chiclets in his mouth.  I photographed his mom a long time ago when she had her senior portraits done here.  (I kind of miss doing those now but the babies are where my heart is.)  Enjoy!

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The “C” boys were here again!Central Illinois siblings photography/Short Stories Photography by JUlie

We had some fun running around in a park area before it got hot outside again.  It was a Nerf dart shooting,  stick aiming, brother hugging kind of a time.  These boys would rather go play than pose but that is what makes them so fun to photograph.  I never know what I am going to get but they always amaze me with what they do give me. Enjoy!

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Mr. “J” was here!/Central Illinois newborn photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Well, this little guy was a cool little dude.  He slept the whole time and let me put him into all sorts of positions in baskets and furs.  His big sis was so good with him too.  I could tell that she helps mom out a lot at home.  Sis and I went outside when they first got here while he had a little drink inside with mom. Enjoy!

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