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Welcome to my blog!

Hi!  I'm, Julie. Children should be allowed to be children.  I believe that every stage of childhood is unique and precious.  I see and appreciate all that is wonderful about a child...relating to them on their own level.  Because of that, I can create portraits that reflect who your child is, what they are experiencing in that moment and what becomes so easy to see when you look at it. If you are the kind of person that feels the way that I do, you will want that portrait of your child...being a child...seen through my eyes and felt with your soul.  I'm passionate about creating portraits that make you laugh or touch a part of your heart. 

Specializing in photographing children, I am enthusiastic about what I do and I have a great time doing it.  My clients have a great time too.  There are laughs, giggles and aw-w-w-s heard throughout the session. If you are a client of mine, you know that already.  If you are not, then you just have to come and see for yourself!


The “C” boys were here again!Central Illinois siblings photography/Short Stories Photography by JUlie

We had some fun running around in a park area before it got hot outside again.  It was a Nerf dart shooting,  stick aiming, brother hugging kind of a time.  These boys would rather go play than pose but that is what makes them so fun to photograph.  I never know what I am going to get but they always amaze me with what they do give me. Enjoy!

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Mr. “J” was here!/Central Illinois newborn photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Well, this little guy was a cool little dude.  He slept the whole time and let me put him into all sorts of positions in baskets and furs.  His big sis was so good with him too.  I could tell that she helps mom out a lot at home.  Sis and I went outside when they first got here while he had a little drink inside with mom. Enjoy!

nmn7-14-2174 nmn7-14-5653 nmn7-14-5662


Miss “C” was here!/Central Illinois newborn photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Miss Claire was here and I wanted to snuggle with her the whole time.  She is so cuddly and sweet. She even enjoyed herself enough to give us a little grin.  I did put that image on Facebook but I have to repeat it here.  I didn’t want to let her go home! Enjoy!

snksnbc7-14-2165 snksnbc7-14-5533 snksnbc7-14-5612


Miss “S” was here!/Central Illinois newborn photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

I got meet little Stella and visit again with her parents and her big sis.  She is a teeny little doll looks so good in peach and pink.  She even had a little snuggle with her big sis that lasted all of a few seconds, but we got it all the same. Don’t you just want to squish those cheeks?!  Enjoy!

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Just for me/Central Illinois macro photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

I have been able to get out around in my yard and the neighbors’ yards, (thanks neighbors!) and put my macro lens to use.  I love macro photography and love it even more with flowers.  Can you tell that I am partial to purple hues?  Not much else to say except…Enjoy!

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My “Heart” visited again!/Peoria area children photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

We had a wonderful time with my daughter and granddaughter the past week.  We spent some time there where they live then came home and brought “L” with us. I have posted on Facebook and in the newsletter about all that we did that week……it was a LOT.  I also had the privilege of photographing miss “L” again.  I hope that she never gets tired of that.  She has done it so many times that I believe she thinks it is just a part of life….. as it should be.  Ha ha!  She obliged me and put on two different dresses, that’s right…… dresses….. for the session.  AND… she left her hair down…that thick, beautiful, wild hair that makes me wish that I had half the amount that she does…every time I see it.  But it belongs solely to her and her solemn yet goofy nature that suits her so well.  She has a sweet soul and a playfulness that will burst out of no where when you least expect it.  Here are a few of the images from our adventure. Enjoy!

DSC_2002-3-rd25-fb DSC_2015-3 DSC_2055-fb DSC_2069-3-fb DSC_2101-fb DSC_2102-fb

Mr. “B” was here!/Central Illinois children photography/Short Stories Photography

My sweet buddy “B” was here recently.  He is a guy that knows what he wants.  He knows how to give a good hug.  And…he knows how to wink!  He has a favorite little ladder in the studio that he gets out every time he is here, even when I don’t have it in the room.  It is his favorite and I promised him I would never throw it away.  He is a cutie! Enjoy!

hood6-14-5204-mbw hood6-14-5212 hood6-14-5223

June newsletter and special are here!/Central Illinois children photography/Short Stories Photography

Hello all!  My June newsletter is here!  Click on the link to read it… Short Stories Photography June newsletter

You will NOT want to miss the special in this month’s newsletter!  There is information about the new studio product- Fusion Video, the June special for canvas, and the Enchanted Fairies sessions.  Now go!  Get to reading, calling  and scheduling your sessions!


Miss “A” and her mommy Fusion video/Central Illinois area fusion video photographer/Short Stories Photography by JUlie

I am adding a new product to what I offer in my studio!  It is called fusion video and I love it!  It is a looooooooooooong process from start to finish but worth every second of it.   You may remember her……I did this sweet girl’s session recently and took my video DSLR along also.  During my job of keeping up with Miss “A”, I took still photographs of her AND incorporated some video while we were running around the area. Then, after editing her portraits, I undertook the task of putting together the fusion video, which is still photography blended with video photography.  It took me a while to perfect what I wanted to accomplish.  But I think we are there!

So, this will be a new product that I will offer in the studio.  It will be a commissioned piece since it takes so much time to put together.  I will work out the details as interest grows.  In the meantime, Enjoy!

Here is the link:  Fusion Video

Miss “E” and her mommy/Central Illinois area on location photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

I had so much fun at “E”‘s session with her mommy!  They are expecting an addition to their family soon and they are so excited….me too!!  There is so much love between them that it was not even a job for me to photograph them together.  I just had to be there.  They love to cuddle… giggle and watch bugs.  Well, “E” likes to do that last one, mom doesn’t care that much for it…  I am with mom!  Enjoy!

DSC_1830-mbw DSC_1858 DSC_1870-snfrhzjpln DSC_1875-jpln