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Easter minis and a high priority announcement/Central Illinois children photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Hi Everyone!  I have been really busy with a few things going on with myself and the studio. First things first!  My Easter minis!  i will be photographing your little ones in the studio on March 25th and 26th for these minis.  They are meant to showcase your little ones with their Easter finest so there will not be any ducklings or bunnies to date your portraits.  If you want to being anything like that with you, then you are very welcome to do that. Here are the details!

easter minis*****And… is another big announcement…I will be taking appointments for the studio on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only. So, if you need to set up any appointments, please do so in advance so we can get you in! I will be leaving some spots open for the newborns that do not arrive for their parents as scheduled (as they are known to do).  Spread the word if you know anyone that wants to come to the studio or if there is anyone that may not see this. This is NOT a prequel to closing the studio! I don’t think I could exist if I didn’t get to spend some time with all of the little ones that I have photographed and have yet to meet and photograph. I have joined back into the world of OSF as an RN Mission Partner. I am excited as this has began this past week and it is giving me a chance to learn new things and give back to the community.  I thank all of you for supporting myself and my studio.  I really appreciate it!! So, if you foresee an appointment in your future, please call soon!