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My Heart, January 2016

We don’t get to see Miss L as much anymore….busy girl ya know. We knew this time would come…her getting busy with friends, extra activities with ice skating, Girl Scouts, etc. But when she is here, she still lets me photograph her sweet face.  We didn’t do a theme this time, just her. She is getting so much more aware of herself…her expression shows it.  She has braces!!!!  Love it!!!! But they don’t show up like I have seen on others, with some people not even noticing.  She is OK with that, but she likes having them anyway. I cannot get over how much she changes from one time to the next that we see her.  It is heartbreaking that we don’t get to see her every day or more often like we used to when they lived closer. But when she is here, we drink her in like we are dying of thirst.  This time will be fleeting, just like all of the other times….and we must cherish it. I am hearing from other friends and clients that they have older grandchildren and that is just not possible!!  That would make me how old?  But I wouldn’t turn time back for anything. Each time, each moment is precious…even at her age. Cherish your time, your little ones, your growing up ones, your family and friends.  Enjoy!