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New things are here!/Central Illinois newborn, baby and children photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

Today is my birthday so I want to celebrate! I got some of my changing things done! I did put in investment page on my website and my blog.  The blog has been redesigned and is a work in progress….. always.  Here is the link to the blog: New Blog 

While you are there, go to the Facebook page and like it, then read the story I shared there a few days ago. Great read!

You can click on the “Your Investment” link and it will show you the page about the sessions, the baby plan and the new “Build Your Own Collection” that is such a great choice for those that want to have a Signature product and get ALL of the digital files from your session. Of course, I still have my a la carte pricing that allows you to choose whatever you like.

My new baby plan, still named “Once Upon a Time” consists of 2 sessions then another complimentary family session during year two after the other sessions are complete.  You have the opportunity to commission an annual art product from each of the three sessions that together will showcase that time for you.  You will also have the opportunity to join the incentive program from these three sessions that award you a beautiful portrait product at the end of your plan, valued from $455 to $879 as a complimentary gift!  This baby plan starts at the sitting up stage of your baby’s life, goes on to the one year session then has a complimentary family session that is done in the second year. If you have a newborn session done here you get to join the baby plan at a reduced fee.

I just wanted to change things up a bit.  I recently watched a workshop and learned many things….always learning…NEVER stops, thank goodness.  I have seen a lot lately on my forums, blogs, Facebook groups and photography groups that today’s children are growing up on digital files, not on walls, not on desks, not on shelves.  When your child wants to see a picture of themselves, you hand them your phone. I get really sad about this. Not because it is what I do for a job, but because they NEED to see themselves displayed in the home and surrounded by the feeling of love that you care enough about them to show it in portraits in your home.  There are studies….don’t know how they quantify that, but there are studies. Ha ha! Yes, digital files is what you want.  They are purchased and most of the time end up in that “everything” drawer.  But I will be showing you what to do with those files and still have beautiful, personal art on your walls or in an album or on easels. Best of both worlds! I definitely see a trend that is going back the way it used to be, people wanting actual products in hand that are ready to go on display in the home.  You have a lot on your plate and it is so nice to have someone take care of everything for you. I will do that for you.  Hold your hand the entire way…help you design what fits your needs without pressure…so, look things over and if you want great memories and beautiful art created for you, then call or email for more details or to schedule your appointment.