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Our family vaca/central Illinois on location photography/Short Stories Photography by Julie

We vacationed in Michigan this year and there was cool weather, cold lake water, two people with colds, and a limited amount of sunshine. But…we had fun despite these things. Someone that shall remain nameless, (L) insisted that she could stand the water that we found out later was a “balmy 69 degrees”. My husband shivered along with my granddaughter but they played in it just the same. The cold left one person and traveled to another and then that one decided that her swimming time was done.  We still got to enjoy some shopping, family time and beach time.  There were petoskey stones to find and sand that needed to be embedded in our clothing, shoes and everything where else so that we find it for months to come. We got to spend some beach time with our nephew and his family, then another set of family members arrived right before we had to leave but the last evening cookout was a huge success.  S’mores are a favorite and there was no shortage of those cooked over an open fire on the beach. i didn’t work too hard at getting images but instead enjoyed what was going on.  I think I was rebelling that L had a cold and looked like it and didn’t feel like our usual Michigan session. LOL! We went to the firework display over the harbor that is always a fun time.  There was a group of people remembering a loved one with the paper lanterns that were lit and released over the beach. It was so peaceful to watch them float away.  There was a drone that was flying around and captured the event of the lanterns being released….we could tell that he recorded it and was going to give the recording to the people that were there….a sky-eye view of them releasing the lanterns. We went to an alpaca farm and got to pet some of the babies and a friendly adult alpaca that was more than happy to eat from their hands. Anyway, I did get a few so enjoy!