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Upcoming specials and some catching up

I have been neglectful in my duties as a blogger.  It is time to catch up.  I have some sneak peeks, some after peeks, and some news about upcoming specials at the studio.

This little angel is one of the Memories and Milestones Collection members.  This is a sweet face and I look forward to watching her grow.


These brothers have been an inspiration to me since they first started coming in for capturing the brotherly love that they share.  Sometimes playful, sometimes soulful.    



This is Miss Ava.  She has been coming to the studio since she was born.  She has grown into a sweet little lady that I love seeing when I open the door.


This is another little girl, Cate,  that has been in to see me since she was born.  She loved being a little garden fairy at the studio.  I got so many precious images of her!


Another Memories and Milestones member!  She had so many looks and was so interested in her world. Definitely a girlie girl!


What a blast this was!  Five brothers…five times the fun…five times the mischief.


This little one was showing us just what she thought of the whole thing. It is amazing how many expressions they have when they are so young.


This wonderfully sweet girl was such a treat to have here.  I love, love, love her freckles!!



Now, on to the special things that I am going to have this fall.  The weekend of October 23rd and 24th is going to be my fall family weekend.  I will not be charging an on location fee and, weather permitting, we will be photographing these sessions outdoors.  Hopefully, the fall leaves will still be around and have changed into all of the beautiful colors of autumn.  I already have some sessions scheduled, so if you are interested, please call!

Speaking of autumn colors….I am going to have an Autumn Faerie Limited Edition on October 10th.  I already have most of the set.  I have a wonderfully talented woman making the wings for me.  She has made wings for some well known places before and I am thrilled to be working with her.  This wonderful scene will have fall colors…fall flowers and fall leaves.  I will have the costumes, the wings and the hair garlands.  Oh, and the magic…..there always has to be magic!  Call to schedule your little fairy now.  When I get all of the set together, I will post an image so you can see where the Autumn Faeries live.